The Libertine in Bed

Between books and lingerie
November 18, 2007, 8:53 pm
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This month is going to be tough as I’m pretty broke, I bought a nice set of lingerie that looks similar to this, and a whole truckload of books.

Of course I’m neither Caucasian or possess a taut hot bod like this, although we seem to have similar bust size. What do you guys think of this piece? It is a good choice?

I have a good plan when to use this and I am really crossing my fingers that he finds this enticing. I’m also looking forward to lose my anal virginity. Now where did I put that buttplug that a dear friend gave me as a gag gift? She has some foresight.

Anyway in an earlier post I mentioned about trying to keep my urges in check when at work, well I failed. Failed amazingly. For about 30 minutes I twaddled and putting it off before rushing off to my favourite cubicle. I like it because it is the cleanest and I have spent quite a lot of time in there.

This time I could not wait, my urges were banging down the door as I closed mine. I rubbed through my pants and developed quite a big wet spot. I unzipped and hung the pants on the door.

In goes two my fingers and a mini orgasm was well on its way. I never felt so relieved. It was like peeing, just in time. A couple more mini Os came and I licked my wet fingers after that. The wet spot was to pronounced and just walking back out there, undoubtedly everyone would know what I was up to.

More time was spent drying the spot than actually coming. but I enjoyed it so much. It felt sneaky and sexy at the same time. My colleagues expressed their worries when I came back and I just mentioned that I had some tummy troubles. Little did they know…


Just a whiff
October 11, 2007, 4:40 pm
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I was never really fond of smelling my fingers or any part of my body after some comforting sex or self love, perhaps maybe both. Usually after the bliss, I automatically reach out for some tissues, placed conveniently next to my bed. A quick wipedown, disposing the evidence and I’m off to continue doing before the welcomed distraction.

Recently I read that diet does affect how you smell especially if it is coming from your genitals. Curious but never brave enough to lift my fingers to my nose. Somehow curiosity got the better of me last night. Since the night ended rather late and my faithful partner (aka Guy from now onwards) has ascended to sleep heaven, I found myself feeling quite awake with nothing to do.

Not long, the horn was tooting at me with a dogged persistance. Sooner than I know it, my finger found my labia. Working up a delicious fantasy involving a couple of men and some rough handling, I could feel an orgasm fast coming (corny pun, I know).

Panting harder and moaning softly as not to wake the sleepyhead, a wave of a familiar orgasm came upon me. I would term it as a comfort self love, reassuring and somewhat not enough to leave me satiated. Of course my fingers were laced and glistening with my juices.

The self love didn’t just stop there. I wanted more. The fantasy was well used and too familiar. Letting the throbbing subside for awhile while I conjure another fantasy. This is slightly more naughty.

“A gorgeous Irish lad approached me from the back, suddenly grabbing my waist and spun me around. He was staring intently into my eyes, I know exactly what was on his mind. With our bodies pressed close to one another, I could feel his bulge. There I was, without underwear, getting very aroused and wet. Kissing me deeply, he hurriedly tore off my clothes, leaving me stark naked with only a thin film of pre orgasm juice covering my vagina.

He kneaded and massaged my breast with a renewed enthusiasm. He inserted two fingers into my very wet vagina. I am left moaning with great pleasure. I reached out for his shirt and slowly undo each button, perhaps to slow him down or myself. But he did not take the bait and sucked my engorged nipples to the point of pleasurable pain. His fingers gave a quite a work-about and my orgasm washed over me.

Seeing that slowing down is not an option I quickly divest him of his pants and briefs. I am greeted with a fat cock saluting my vagina.

Just after my first wave of orgasm, suddenly this teaser stop everything he was doing and took a good once-over at my writhing self. Just like a naughty whore in a back alley, he turn me around and pushed me into a wall and fucked the shit out of me. There was no pleasantries, just a good, hard fuck.”

This little fantasy left me breathless and my four fingers wet in real life, finally I felt that the time is well spent. A quick glance at my clock, great, it is 3am. Naturally I reached out for some tissues, but I stopped myself. Slowly I brought me fingers to my nose and took a quick whiff. Instantly I regreted not doing the same thing each opportunity I had.

I turned around and massaged Guy’s flaccid cock, it slowly grew hard but he was still in a deep slumber. I left it alone and fell asleep with a lingering smell of myself on my fingers and my nose.