The Libertine in Bed

Between books and lingerie
November 18, 2007, 8:53 pm
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This month is going to be tough as I’m pretty broke, I bought a nice set of lingerie that looks similar to this, and a whole truckload of books.

Of course I’m neither Caucasian or possess a taut hot bod like this, although we seem to have similar bust size. What do you guys think of this piece? It is a good choice?

I have a good plan when to use this and I am really crossing my fingers that he finds this enticing. I’m also looking forward to lose my anal virginity. Now where did I put that buttplug that a dear friend gave me as a gag gift? She has some foresight.

Anyway in an earlier post I mentioned about trying to keep my urges in check when at work, well I failed. Failed amazingly. For about 30 minutes I twaddled and putting it off before rushing off to my favourite cubicle. I like it because it is the cleanest and I have spent quite a lot of time in there.

This time I could not wait, my urges were banging down the door as I closed mine. I rubbed through my pants and developed quite a big wet spot. I unzipped and hung the pants on the door.

In goes two my fingers and a mini orgasm was well on its way. I never felt so relieved. It was like peeing, just in time. A couple more mini Os came and I licked my wet fingers after that. The wet spot was to pronounced and just walking back out there, undoubtedly everyone would know what I was up to.

More time was spent drying the spot than actually coming. but I enjoyed it so much. It felt sneaky and sexy at the same time. My colleagues expressed their worries when I came back and I just mentioned that I had some tummy troubles. Little did they know…


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