The Libertine in Bed

Teeth and lace
October 31, 2007, 10:34 pm
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The blindfold feels awfully cold, so are the bounds on my wrists and ankles. Pricked by the cold of the room, my nipples are erect. Suddenly I could feel his hot breathe down my neck. The breathing is irregular, sharp intakes and slow exhalation.

His tongue licked the side of my neck, I could feel the icy cold when his tongue withdrew. I gasped. I could feel that his is no longer near my face.

“You smell of vanilla,” he said. He rests his head on my right breast, inhaling the scent I dabbed on earlier. He lay there for awhile while I was still being tied up.

“I love what you are wearing, so inviting.”

Wearing nothing but a black lacy bustier, stockings and garters, it was a special treat for the both of us. And each scent and ambience is purposeful, created with only our pleasure in mind.

He got up, sitting just in front of my outstretched legs. I don’t know what he is wearing, he would not tell me. I egged on and he asked me to shut the fuck up. I complied and smiled.

He leaned towards me and I could feel teeth on the edge of the bustier. He pulled the cup now, exposing my left breast. I gasped. The teeth then moved on to the next breast, doing exactly the same thing. He was blowing air towards my nipples.

Of course they stood like columns of a magnificent church and they were kissed lightly. my breasts were pampered by his eager mouth. The mouth teased, pulled, bit, sucked and the tongue licked and rolled around, vigorously. My ankles and wrists hurt as I was twisting and turning with pleasure. It was both pleasurable and frustrating as I could do anything in return.

A pair of hands reached out under my back and slowly undone the clasps that are holding the bustier together. After some time it came off. Those calloused hands caressed my body, so sensually and occasionally stopping to tug at my nipples. I can hear soft moans coming from him.

Suddenly the teasing and caressing stopped, I could feel that he got off the bed and I can hear some cloth rubbing against each other.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m taking off my briefs.”

“Describe to me how your penis look like.”

“It is hard and its head is dripping with pre cum. Looks like it needs some attention.”

I told him to come over. I could feel his knees near my face. I opened my mouth and flickered my tongue. He lowered his engorged penis into my mouth. Coming up with a good spit and lubricated his member. He proceed to face fuck me and was trying my darnedest to keep the suction on.

The humping got faster and the moans got louder. I can sense that he is coming and for the first time I let him come inside my mouth. He shot into my throat, semi-gagging me in the process. I swallowed. I licked his penis cleaned and asked for some water. I know, what an amateur!

“I should repay you.”

His tongue snaked out into my vagina. after sucking up my juices which were left to trickle out earlier. The guy knows exactly how I wanted my oral sex, spelled out A-Z with his tongue, occasionally stopping to bite my labia softly. A big orgasm was building up and so was the moaning. I could not care less if the rooms next to us could hear.

I orgasmed loudly soon after. Using his teeth, he removed my stokings without removing those bindings. He went to put on a condom and we fucked hard. It wasn’t sweet lovemaking anymore, it was a rough fuck going on. We both came again.

He undo my binds and the blindfold and we both fell asleep until mid noon tomorrow in that icy cold hotel room.


Borderline incestous pt2
October 31, 2007, 9:24 pm
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After I peeled off my t-shirt, I just stood there. He gave me a smile and gestured with his finger that I should go over. Taking my time and being a bit of a tease, I played with my nipples. When I reached, our bodies were squished together and kissing each other ferociously.

His hands found my sex and clumsily massaged it. We quickly divest whatever else we were wearing and rubbed against each other. It was hungry and forceful, the way we would grope for each other. Reaching out to his cock, erect and fat, stroking and at the same time playing with his balls.

Admittedly, back then we were bad at it.

He tore away and took my breasts, cupped them together, plying kisses and sucking with earnest. I groaned and moaned like no tomorrow. It was a new relevation for me, the sensitivity of my breasts and how they can generate so much pleasure.

However the act was not completed. We heard his parents’ car coming up the driveway. Panicked, I gathered up my clothes and ran to the guest room. Later I masturbated with those images and came adequately.

They knew nothing about our brief encounter. Although it was never consumated and we never pursued it. I outgrew him and moved on to other boys. We were still close and always flirted, until this very day. The encounter was never mentioned again. But, damn his cock looked so good to eat.

Borderline incestous
October 28, 2007, 12:35 am
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A question was innocently thrown at me, “Have you had an incestuous relationship?”

I’d say, sort of. It wasn’t really a relationship

He was a cousin, twice removed. I always had a crush on him and I guess he knows. Oh, who am I kidding, of course he knows. We often met during family gatherings and would sneak off to chat, occasionally flirt.

He was very charming, chiseled features with a boy-next-door personality. His hazel eyes have always made my heart skip a beat and his smile would drive me nuts will make my panties drenched.

He had a girlfriend whom I know fleetingly. He often told me she was not keen on sex, frustrating him because he would want it so bad. Our relationship always had some sexual tension and we would chat about sex very openly, something rare in an Asian upbringing.

During one particular school holiday my mom decided to send me to his place for a short weekend. I was deliriously happy as I get to see him and spend the weekend at his place. He stays with his parents and we chatted the entire night. About 5am we went to sleep and my room was just a few feet away.

By the time I woke up it was nearing noon and the whole house was quiet. My aunt left a note and said they won’t be around. I thought I was left on my own but I heard soft steps behind me. I turned around and there he was, freshly showered. He was so sexy then.

“Good afternoon.” He smiled and hurried me to take a shower on a pretense he was hungry and we should grab lunch. I opened the bathroom door and there he was, standing there in his bermudas and nothing else.

I asked him why he wasn’t dressed. “I had something else in mind,” he replied.

He came closer towards me until my back was against the wall.

“Hmmm you smell great. Do you know I dreamt about you all the time?” I shrugged, feigning innocence.

He inched forward, planting a kiss on my forehead. I let out a soft sigh.

“Don’t tease me,” I whispered, trying to wiggle my way out. He grabbed my arms and pushed his lips onto mine. We kissed passionately, clumsily. He pulled me closer, one hand at my nape and one at my waist.

There I was my dreams coming true, my legs were wobbly and my hands holding on to him tightly for support. His hand moved down and resting on my breast, kneading, teasing and rolling my erected nipple through the t-shirt.

I moaned into our kiss I lowered my hands onto his tight ass, squeezing. He gasps and pulled away, smiling wickedly at me. He took my hand and guide me into his room.

“Are you sure about this?” I slowly peel myself out of the t-shirt to answer to his question.

to be continued 

That didn’t work
October 26, 2007, 11:50 am
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Flu is bad. This is an understatement.

I had to give it to him because he tried so hard to make me feel better. But for the love of sex my libido was just hovering at zero. He kneaded, sucked, licked, kissed and me. I wanted to sleep.

Poor baby, he tried his best. I promise I’ll make it worth all your effort last night when I recover from this monster who is wrestling with me for the control of my libido.

Ok, back to sleep.

October 25, 2007, 7:54 pm
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I’m down with a tremendously bad flu, hardly suited for screwing or blogging. WILL get better soon.

October 22, 2007, 4:48 pm
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Weekends are often reserved for play in bed, and after wanking in the toilet (previous post), I was suffiently gagged for some action. Friday night I was going out of my filthy mind because Guy was ignoring the smoke signs I have been sending or perhaps he got it, I’m not sure. We had some mutual friends over and they overstayed their welcome, in my opinion, simply because I wanted to be fucked…badly.

It would not be nice to leave them to fend for themselves while we were upstairs screwing, so being polite hosts we hung out until 5am. By then I was about to drop dead after cleaning up the mess and he had to work the next day, hence NO sex.

Saturday I was left alone and entertained myself with some DVDs I bought a long time ago but never got around watching. Zodiac was cool, Jake Gyllenhaal can hump me anytime, baby. I found him so smothering and sad in Brokeback Mountain.


Also watched Take The Lead which was OK but I must admit those dance moves are damn sexy, especially the tango. For a fleeting second I wished I could move like them.


Imagine the seduction that could happen. Pan’s Labyrinth was the best of the three and I was so taken by the haunting lullaby.

Then I pottered around the house, cleaning up and took a nap on the couch.

I was awakened by a peck on my shoulder and was greeted with a megawatt smile. My back was arched bringing my breasts in contact with his face. He swept my off the couch and headed to the bathroom. Someone once said that good things come to those who wait. I got my wish. *wink*

Toilet fix
October 19, 2007, 5:37 pm
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Gently closing the door behind me, I made very sure it is locked. It is not the bowel relief I’m seeking but something more menacing which refuses to leave me alone until I tend to it with my fullest attention. Slowly I took off my jeans and hung it on the door. Next, the thong came off.

I could feel the cold air from the outside, my buttcheeks quivered. I stretched myself, as if preparing for a fight. My imaginary lover devoured my neck voraciouslyfrom behind causing me to grow wetter and his ample hands moved over to my equally ample breasts.

He bend to the front to suck on my hardened right nipple and showered my breast with bites. My hand made its way down to my very wet self. I teased the lips and inserted my fingers inside. The pumping got faster and I was on the verge of coming. I held back. After two seconds I continued and found the way home.

My hand is soaked and a mini sink with soap was nearby. I cleaned up but remained half naked. After catching up with my breathing, I got dressed and kiss my imaginary lover goodbye. I left the office toilet with a post-orgasm glow.

What a pleasant way to leave the office for the weekend, on second thoughts, I should bring a dildo with me next week.